Frequently Asked Questions
How long does my Wise Traveller Secure membership last?
Your membership is valid for 12 months from the date you received your membership package and is renewed automatically unless you choose to cancel your membership for any reason.
How many trips can I take per year?
Your travel cover is for multiple trips throughout the membership year. Whether you travel once a year or once a week, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the case of emergency evacuation, medical emergencies, accidents plus many other benefits while abroad.
Am I covered for the duration of my trip?
Yes, you will be covered for the entirety of your trip, even for trips of longer duration. Your travel insurance begins the day you leave, and lasts for the duration of your trip, up to a period of 90 days, up to 3 times longer than traditional travel insurance.
Are there any exclusions?
Whilst we have worked hard to make our travel cover as flexible as possible we have also ensured our members are provided the best cover at a compelling subscription. This requires some normal exclusions such as pre-existing medical conditions and extreme or high risks sports (such as parachuting or mountain climbing). There may also be times that travel to or through countries which have travel warnings against all but essential travel may be excluded, it is always best to check in advance should you be unclear.  Other exclusions are contained in the Terms & Conditions and can be requested by contacting
Who is the insurance underwriter?
Your included travel cover is underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd which has been at the forefront of insurance for over 130 years and your travel cover services are fully managed by Allianz Global Assistance including 24/7 telephone assistance.
Where can I find more details on The Wise Traveller travel protection?
You can review all details of the travel cover on the main Wise Traveller site on the Travel Protection information page.
What other benefits come with my membership?
As a Wise Traveller Secure member not only do you get comprehensive travel cover, you are get to enjoy private hotel discounts (up to 80% off on-line rates), car rental and airfare discounts and preferential access to a growing list of travel related products and services.
Click here to view travel cover benefits table (this table is in US$.
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For further information please feel free to contact us at

“Our membership not only gave us travel cover at great value but we saved over $500 on our hotel booking through the our member on-line booking.
Thanks Wise Traveller, great concept”
Tan Wei Ling, Singapore

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The Wise Traveller is a membership program that includes comprehensive travel benefits, discounts, travel cover and much more. The Wise Traveller travel cover inclusion is managed by Allianz Global Assistance and underwritten by Tokyo Marine Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Last updated 1 December 2016
Tokio Marine Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd